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Is someone proposing windmills in Cobb County?

Who said SPLOST was "open ended" and "goes on forever"?

I have a really hard time following what these folks are talking about.

Did they contact their school board representatives or attend a school board meeting to complain about the $1.4 billion (yes, with a "b") CCSD budget and the board's decision not to reduce the millage rate for schools? Or is that okay because it's a Republican majority?

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Great questions!

I am not aware of any windmills in Cobb County, so that was a very weird public comment. I think he's laying the foundation for being able to attack solar power and then EVs.

Regarding SPLOST, they are referencing the Lower Roswell project which was on a previous SPLOST list. It's clear that these people will be obstructionists on any progress.

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