I'm moving to Cobb County later this month. I've been living in Fulton county. I'd love to participate more.

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A couple of us attended the Cobb Board of Commissioners meeting last night and the one takeaway is that the proposed trash code amendments are the hottest topic.

Here are some highlights:

* About 25-30 people were there in protest of the proposed code amendments on trash and waste pickup. Themes were "government overreach", "hurting small, local businesses", and increased fees for less service. I'd expect changes to this code amendment to take place before it's finalized. There wasn't much discussion on other proposed changes.

* Cobb approved a $1.4 million Strategic Study

* Multiple sidewalk projects were approved and the Noonday Trail Pedestrian Bridge over Hwy 41 was approved for engineering work (this replaces a crosswalk...huge improvement)

* The process continued to move forward for site selection for the 3 transfer centers (Marietta, Cumberland, South Cobb)

Friendly reminder that we have a virtual meeting tonight! We'll discuss a couple of upcoming events and initiatives.


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